Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Best T.V Couples

Dexter and Rita
Though at first Rita was just WRONG for Dexter, in the end she made us believe that a serial killer can fall in love. This couple can withstand anything: psycho ex-husbands, a I'm-not-a-kid-anymore daughter and a brand new baby.

Chandler and Monica & Rachel and Ross
These two couples have got to be the most-loved T.V couple of all time! If you look up "ideal couple" in a dictionary, you're sure to find their pictures in it.

Marshall and Lily
Marshall's sweet corninnes and Lily's sharp with together make probably the follow up to the Friends couples. They have these cheesy rituals that are actually so cute just like their nicknames for each other: Marshmallow and Lilypad.

Robin and Barney
Although many people still want Robin to be the mother, we can't deny that she's more perfect for Barney than Ted.

Castle and Beckett
Probably the two best T.V detectives. Castle- stupidly funny. Beckett- sharp and witty.

Bones and Booth
Bones Cast

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